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    Red Pickled Ginger  (Beni Shoga)

    Beni shoga - pickled red slivers of ginger. How it's made: Ginger is julienned and left to brine in umezu for anywhere from a few hours to a few days. How it tastes: Zesty with a concentrated ginger flavor.

    Beni Shoga – (A Japanese Preserved Ginger)

    A must-have for gyudon & yakisoba, Red pickled ginger: Beni-shoga, a recipe on Food52

    BENI SHOGA - Beni Shoga is julienned young ginger that has been pickled in plum vinegar (umezu), a byproduct of making pickled plums (umeboshi). The bright red, salty and spicy pickles are served as a garnish on top of a variety of dishes such as gyudon, takoyaki and yakisoba.

    Beni shoga (pickled ginger) - Keke... instead of beet you can also use shiso a type of Japanese Basil or Umeboshi brine for the red colour.

    Japanese pickles 漬物 - mmmmm!


    Japanese Pickles|Tsukemono 漬物 Looks like daikon (giant white radish), nasu(Japanese eggplant), kyuri (Japanese cucumber) pickled with shiso (beefsteak plant/ perilla) and kyuri pickled with salt.

    Japanese pickled plum, Umeboshi... I *love* / *hate* / *love* this stuff... ssoooo sour....!


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