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Beni Shoga – (A Japanese Preserved Ginger)

A must-have for gyudon & yakisoba, Red pickled ginger: Beni-shoga, a recipe on Food52

BENI SHOGA - Beni Shoga is julienned young ginger that has been pickled in plum vinegar (umezu), a byproduct of making pickled plums (umeboshi). The bright red, salty and spicy pickles are served as a garnish on top of a variety of dishes such as gyudon, takoyaki and yakisoba.

Beni shoga (pickled ginger) - Keke... instead of beet you can also use shiso a type of Japanese Basil or Umeboshi brine for the red colour.

Beni shoga - pickled red slivers of ginger. How it's made: Ginger is julienned and left to brine in umezu for anywhere from a few hours to a few days. How it tastes: Zesty with a concentrated ginger flavor.

Gari ガリ (Japanese Pickled Ginger) | Evan's Kitchen Ramblings

Pickled ginger is familiar to sushi and sashimi fans because it helps cleanse the palate between servings and extinguish the wasabi fire. Pickling is just one way to use this versatile root.

Ricetta Zenzero gari per accompagnare il sushi | Cucina Giapponese da fare a casa

We've all been there - and many of us are still there. That phase in our lives where the taste of instant ramen is a recurring thing in our lives. Tired of the same old 5 flavors of instant top ram...

Deciding to eat vegetarian is a lifestyle choice, and it can require some work. The more you plan ahead, the easier it'll be.