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The perfect Chicken Katsu Curry recipe

Chicken katsu curry, its not that hard to make really and its SO GOOD! Still, would eat out at Curry House before I made it :)

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Spice British Curry

Spice British Curry. I'm accustomed to Carribean food would have to give this a try

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Kar? (Japanese Curry)

Japanese Style Curry Rice

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Coconut Milk Curry Chicken

Easy Coconut milk curry chicken: Supper tonight!! Very delicious.

Crock Pot Beef and Broccoli. Absolutely delicious. Just if you're planning on having leftovers, only add in as much broccoli as you want to have for the first meal. The leftovers with day-old cooked broccoli aren't that great. Other than that, this is perfection.

Japanese beef curry from scratch -- none of the processed junk from curry sticks. Tweaking the recipe and also taking some inspiration from:

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Pork Chop Casserole

Pork Chop Casserole. 8 pork chops,1 Cup rice (not instant), 1 can beef broth, 2 cans cream of mushroom, 1 cup milk. Mix soups, broth, and milk. Rice on bottom, then the chops. Pour soup mixture on top. Bake at 350 for 1-1/2 hours.

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Japanese Steakhouse Fried Rice

Japanese Steak House Fried Rice with the "secret" ingredient...

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Slow Cooker Beef Curry

Slow Cooker Beef. No prep work required, toss everything in the slow cooker and dinner is ready in 7 to 8 hours. Now, that’s what I call a meal.

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Beef & Mushroom Braised Stew

Beef & Mushroom Braised Stew Recipe Tonight's dinner... OMG, WOW! did not use any alcohol (wine or brandy) and just used beef broth. sub cornstarch for flour to thicken and added about 3TBSP of balsamic vinegar at the finish. YUMMMY!



Easy Japchae

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Japanese Curry Puffs

Japanese food - Japanese Curry Puffs