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Japanese curry from scratch! So much better and healthier than pre-made cubes. However I've tried this recipe already and it is just a bit too sweet... Cut back on the sweet ingredients and this is golden food.

Japanese Beef and Rice Bowl (Gyudon) similar to yoshioya. David thought it was perfect. I thought it had too much soy sauce. Next time I'll replace half the soy sauce with a cup of beef broth and let it reduce. David can add more so indovidually if he wants. Short grain rice (sold as sushi rice) worked wonderful.

How to cook Japanese Curry Just a reminder on how to make it!

How To Make The Best Japanese Curry Rice Prepare yourself for greatness. The secret is store-bought curry roux.

Japanese Chicken Curry Rice - had a roommate from Japan, and I always kicked myself for not getting her curry rice was SO good! can't wait to try this!

How To Make The Best Japanese Curry Rice - this guy uses Coco Ichibanyo as an example of Japanese Curry. If this recipe actually tastes like Coco's - HEAVEN!

Japanese-Style Beef Curry Recipes | Chef Taro