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Japanese Rolled Omelet (Tamagoyaki)

Japanese Rolled Omelet (Tamagoyaki) recipe - This is a slightly sweet but delicate omelet that is often packed into Japanese bento boxes and also served at sushi bars as tamago nigiri. I love its aesthetic: yellow and all rolled up in a small package that is easily picked up with a pair of chopsticks. Plus, the taste is utterly delicious and unlike any omelets I have ever tasted! #japanese #eatinglight #30minutemeals

Tamagoyaki Flowers for Packed Lunches - You can replace the ingredients with whatever you like. Besides ham, carrots would also work!.... (I guess we can call it easily "Beauty and the Health" ....


Banana Cream Cheese Sammie

Banana Cream Cheese Sammie via @catherine gruntman gruntman McCord // #kidsnack #banana