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  • Bonanno Concepts

    Leopold Bros. American Small Batch Whiskey (Colorado): Old fashioned distillation makes for a very unique whisky. It's also very young. Corn and rye and some pumpkin spice on the nose. The flavor palate is delicate with spice and the finish has a nice smooth burn. Good stuff. When/if their older stuff hits the shelves it will have the potential to be great.

  • Chase Courington

    Leopold Brothers Colorado Whiskey

  • Scott Scottson

    Leopold Brothers Small Batch Whiskey

  • Mechele Fowler-Rueve

    Leopold Brothers Colorado Whiskey..Love their Apple Whiskey!

  • Elizabeth Street

    Unique gift ideas: Forget about the Jim Beam; artisanally crafted bourbon from Leopold Brothers is where it's at for consumers of the brown stuff.

  • RedCamper

    The Leopold Brothers American Small Batch Whiskey is outstanding. Craft distilled in Denver and what we use for our award winning Colorado Whiskey Peach Deliciousness.

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NY Apple Whiskey...hmm do I have to go to NY to have this?

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I'm making new friends! It's fun getting to know them. O.o

In honour of a dear whiskey loving colleague returning from diaper duty, today is whiskey roundup day. To tell you the truth I have no idea if some of these are even worth drinking, but they look good!

aye, ya can speak drunkenese wit a coupla throb (via thegreyconcept)