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TYPEFACE Film poster. Hand drawn, etched into wood, individually inked up and printed on an Albion Press by Daren Newman.

This is a helpful guide to easily remember what each of these words mean when you're working with all things text. This is a super effective use of design.

reminds me of the poster for that movie "here not there" or whatever it was with joaquin phoenix.

O #typography print in "Copenhagen" style, more letters + styles available // Pawaiian Hunch, Ruth Vissing

The "Three-letter Approach" To Kerning: When looking at a headline, start from the beginning and isolate 3 letters at a time, either by blocking them off with your hand, two pieces of blank paper, or, as you become adept at it, just mentally. Look at the volume of negative space between each pair of letters and determine if they're relatively even.

LES GRAPHIQUANTS, L'ALSACE FONT: their posters and cards are so, so awesome. i want them all.

Hiroshima - Nagasaki 50.

I Care Therefore I Kern by Drew Melton

Variations on a Theme: Summer Tomatoes Three Ways Because it's that time of year again, when gardens and farmer's markets runneth over with tomatoes. Will have to give these a try.