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Step by step iwagumi set up.

STEP BY STEP | La Cime I réalisation | Le Journal Aqua #HowTo #Aquascaping #Tree #Bonzai #Tutorial #StepByStep

Planted Aquarium Setup Tutorial

FANTASTIC step-by-step planted aquarium set up tutorial. An easy layout for every 10-15 gallon standard aquarium set.

Underwater tree


This tank by a Turkish aquascaper finished third at the 2013 Planted Design Contest. 'Charm of Light'

Aquascaping.......A Beginner's Perspective Aquascaping has captured the eyes and imaginations of many. From the moment I saw pictures of various aquascapes I knew I wanted to create something like what I had seen.......

Great aquascaping:)

how to hardscape your aquarium . #HowTo #Hardscape


aqua forrest

Wild discus themed tank. Need to start finding natural drift wood for tanks!

Aquarium-Perfectly Rock scaped Aquarium

Guide to growing freshwater aquarium plants For most aquarium plants the ideal C02 level is anywhere from 10 to 25ppm



Step by Step

Aquarium Setup - Aquascape - Step by Step and Final Product - Live Planted Fish Tank

Takashi Amano Iwagumi w/ dwarf baby tears carpet.

emergent plants aquarium