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A diagram of a cross-section of a muscle showing fibres. Credit: Miles Kelly Art Library, Wellcome Images.

A diagram showing a cross-section of the composition of bone. Credit: Miles Kelly Art Library, Wellcome Images.

Digital artwork of an athlete catching his breath. Credit: Miles Kelly Art Library, Wellcome Images.

Artwork showing an anterior view of the larynx, thyroid, trachea and lungs with bronchial tree. Credit: Medical Art Service, Munich/Wellcome Images.

An X-ray showing blood vessels inside a normal lung. Credit: Wellcome Photo Library, Wellcome Images.

A light micrograph of stained longitudinal section through striated muscle. Credit: Spike Walker, Wellcome Images.

A transmission electron micrograph showing a longitudinal section of cardiac (heart) muscle, in which the sarcomere structure and a large intercalated disc can be seen. Credit: Professor Giorgio Gabella, Wellcome Images.

A colour-enhanced transmission electron micrograph of myofibrils in an uncontracted skeletal muscle cell (muscle fibre), showing the structure of the sarcomere with its dark and light bands between the two Z-discs. Credit: University of Edinburgh, Wellcome Images.

A female dancer. Credit: Wellcome Library, London.

A scanning electron micrograph of osteoporotic bone. This sample is from a vertebra (a bone of the spine) of an 89-year-old woman with osteoporosis. Credit: Professor Alan Boyde, Wellcome Images.