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  • monica diaz

    This is so funny, yet so sad! Couldn't stop thinking about the ending for at least a week, my feeling were everywhere! Cant wait for the movie!!

  • Amanda Baty

    Hunger Game problems

  • Vanessa Caviness

    the hunger games series made me laugh so hard and cry even harder and there were so many times when I hated Suzanne for killing off characters, but there were other times that I said "how have I lived so many years with out these books", 'the hunger games' is my life

  • Kaitlyn Ripley

    So funny but so true!

  • JoCassa Ouderkirk

    So true: The feelings after reading Mockingjay... a mix of broken and robbed of something

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So true!!! I didnt think this book was a happy ending at all. It was too sad. But i love the first two books.

FINNICK!!!!!!!!! WHY??????????

Aghhhhhhhh THE FEELS. follow me on instagram @johanna_mason_victor !!!!

Hmm reminds me of a few...The Fault in Our Stars, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, any John Green book ever

Booooooo!! Madge SHOULD have been included in the movies. She humanizes Katness and is so very important .... I'm sad she's not in the movies. It would have been only a few scenes .... Boo!

I don't know what you guys plan to do but I know what I'm doing: 1. Wait for Mockingjay Part 2 to come out on DVD 2. Then...HUNGER GAMES MARATHON!

me at the bookstore… this literally happened last time I went (only i bought 2 books instead of 10!!!)

Seeing someone reading a book you love is seeing a book recommend a person


One hundred percent, completely accurate. This. Is. Me. Sometime I recommend a new book and my friends are like OMG OMG THIS WAS FANTASTIC. I just look at them and say, "I DON'T recommend SHIT!

THE FEELS, KATNISS AND PEETA AND THEIR DAUGHTER! This edit. I just. This is beautiful.

I love to read. I would die if I didn't have books. That may sound fatuous, but books have been among my best friends since I was four. ~Sandra Bell Kirchman.