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    good hug

    Sweet baby golden

    I’ve watched this gif about a hundred times in a row and I smile every time

    click the gif

    Bran the dog

    This fawn and bobcat were found in an office together, cuddling under a desk after a forest fire

    golden retriever at the window

    Morris was discovered in 1968, after a staff member at Hinsdale Humane Society noticed the cat's charming personality and contacted Bob Martwick, a professional animal trainer who worked for the Leo Burnett advertising agency. | Morris The Cat Was The Original Grumpy Cat

    Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Swinging Bulldog

    They have bowlcuts…


    can't direct the wind,but we can direct the sail

    ”This is my favorite photo in the world - me and Linus, born to a dairy cow and ordered to be killed when the farmer saw he was a male (and thus useless in the dairy industry). A compassionate individual intervened, and he was brought to a sanctuary. I met him when he was a few days old and 60 pounds, and he would always try to sit on my lap. Today, 7 years young and 1500 pounds, he still tries to sit on my lap.” - Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

    Best-ever animal photobombs | News24


    omg this makes me so happy!

    You choose your dog's name, pronunciation, and definitions. How fun?! | Personalization Mall

    Cats going full derp…

    Thirteen of the UGLIEST animals on the planet! I'm partial to the Aye-aye. Which is your favorite? (would be a fun research and speech project)

    Moose Babies

    Baby Animals.

    "Studies have proven that rats laugh when you tickle them. And now they cuddle tiny teddy bears. Rats, you are wonderful." Awwww!

    issa weetle camoo!!

    It's called a Quokka, lives in australia, is endangered, and considered one of the friendliest, happiest animals on earth. So naturally, I want one!