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    This classic bun deserves to be paired with a sophisticated dress. Wear with #jvndress style 98249

    This isn't exactly how I do mine, but it's a good tutorial for others. put up your hair with a stick or pin or chopstick DIY

    So, my mom used to do the first four steps on our hair when we were little girls. I think I can go all the way and actually replicate this one...

    Gorgeous up do for your prom night! #PromPlace

    Flower hair style

    divide hair into a top section, and 2 bottom sections--roll the top section, braid the 2 bottoms sections, wrap, and pin.

    easy chignon. there must be something more to mom hair than short or ponytail!

    I cannot wait until my hair grows back out enough to whip this baby on the top of my head.

    i doubt i could make my hair look this good but it's worth a try!

    1. Use a 1″ curling iron to curl everything under. This will make it easier to tuck pieces into the bun 2. Flip your hair over and gather everything into a ponytail on top of you head, securing it with an elastic ponytail holder. Step 3: On the last time around with the ponytail holder, only pull the ponytail through half way. 4. Take the loop you’ve created and spread it out. Just widen it and allow it to be somewhat messy. 5. Take the tail end and wrap it around the ponytail base.