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Things You Don’t Know About Disney World #disneyworld

Facts you might not have known about Toy Story...

The only one I knew was about the Three Caballeros! This is awesome! :)

Disney Facts Part 1 - I actually didn't know about his mother! I always read that she died before Snow White came out, but this is so much more heartbreaking.

  • leslea hanssen

    Grace number 6 is true and 7 is kind of confusing cause there are tunnels for that reason but Walt died before disney world was finished so 7 is true too just a little mis leading cause the characters never walked through the wrong part at all, he made sure it wouldn't happen

  • Christy Bellflower

    Also, that pic of model Sherri Stoner to which Ariel was based looks like Alyssa Milano to me

  • Jenna Cook

    Yeah, that's who I thought it was till I read it

  • Laney Goodwin

    awesome sauce!

  • Tamyra Zeller

    That is Alyssa Milano, Disney modeled Ariels face after the actress

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Disney Facts Part 4 (The last fact :That makes more since with the second movie, sucks that she dies at a young age though)

  • Taylor Santos

    Not really for that time. They were pretty extreme and would often marry pretty young daughters off to wealthy men, who were more often older because they'd built their own fortune.

  • Koa-Koa Mae

    Ya, i get that, but the person that wrote this, wrote it in today's time. Plus it was sick even back then because the girls were still kids. And ya, people died earlier, making everyone's life span shorter, but a kid should still be a kid, not forced to have sex with grown men. So, i don't care what time period it is, kids marrying men is disturbing and sick!

  • Madi Tyler

    The last one is true and very sad.

  • Grace Erwin

    sad. sad, I say.

  • Imaginative Geek

    The last one is true FOR the FIRST MOVIE but there is a second go on Netflix tell Everyone

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Disney Facts Part 2

Disney Facts Part 3

  • Tavie Wortman

    um excuse me but on number 5! whoever created this fact thingy truly didnt have any information on elvis presley! he did not create blue suede shoes! carl perkins did!

  • Claire lyczkowski

    The first one is not true boo is a toddler she can't write and it couldn't be her parents who wrote it because it looks like a first grader wrote it therefore its not true

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Disney Parks // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

  • Olivia Vetter

    The reason the Toy Story characters really stopped falling was because the costumes would get too dirty and tear.

It seems only fitting that the Disney princess I identified with the most was done by someone with my name

FALSE! Snow White was the first AMERICAN full length animated feature film. The first world wide one (known and not lost) was The Adventure of Prince Achmed by Lotte Reiniger. How do I know this? Research. And an Animation History course at SCAD where I study animation.

The Disney Facts: *buzzer noise* I'm sorry, that's the wrong answer. Zeus had two wives: The first was Metis, a Titan. And Hera his second and last wife. He has an over abundance of lovers and rape victims....But none of them were wives like Metis and Hera.

  • Ben Jewkes

    And Hercules was a demigod, and it was Hera, not Hades, who kidnapped him

  • Stacey Figgie

    Hercules was a demi-god until his 'death' at which point he was given full immortality and godship

Watching this movie since I was 4 and I NEVER realized that! This is why I love Disney!