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    • Arsenic

      "In my family photo album there are pictures from the 20s of a woman called ‘uncle bob’. She dressed in men’s clothing, and had a ‘companion’. This was a rough industrial town, they were working class, nobody cared. It was her business."

    • Tiffany Reed

      Eve’s Rib: Photo edits

    • Laura Beard

      Ye olde clothe swap

    • Morrgan Grey

      vintage couple unusual. Not sure if they are actually cross dressed or if they just did victorian trick photography, the face swap is not a new meme, either way its a interesting image

    • Rose Robinson

      Gender bender

    • Alex Callen

      This is a photograph relatable to Pantomime not necessarily solely due to the fact that it was taken in what was seemingly Victorian times, but in tandem due to the fact that these two gentlepeople are destroying gender roles by dressing this way, just as Micah/Gene destroys gender roles by pursuing what she believes to be her destiny.

    • Karen Marie

      Odd Couple :)

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