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  • Justyna Brząkalik

    bashi-bazouk: peppercyanide: sisterwolf: via I never even c wow How did they get away with that AH I LOVE THIS What do you mean how did they get away with it? History isn’t one straight line progressing towards a liberal society. Look how much Americans attitudes have changed between 1980 and today. 1980 was the first time most very religious people voted, they abstained before that at the behest of their churches. Now they dictate policy at every election. In my family photo album ...

  • Tiffany Reed

    Eve’s Rib: Photo edits

  • Laura Beard

    Ye olde clothe swap

  • Lizzie Basara

    Odd Couple :)

  • Morrgan Grey

    vintage couple unusual. Not sure if they are actually cross dressed or if they just did victorian trick photography, the face swap is not a new meme, either way its a interesting image

  • Josh Roche In my family photo album there are pictures from the 20s of a woman called ‘uncle bob’. She dressed in men’s clothing, and had a ‘companion’. This was a rough industrial town, they were working class, nobody cared. It was her business.

  • MorrisJanks

    Gender Bender

Men Clothing, Gender Bender, Crosses Dresses, Odd Couples, Families Photos, Vintage Couples, People, Photos Editing, Clothing Swap

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