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Whistler's butterfly signature. I once wanted a variation of this as a tattoo

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James Abbott McNeill Whistler Signature | Posted by ashleymcandrew at 5:47 PM

Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, University of Glasgow Whistler’s signature is very helpful for experts to date his paintings and works on paper. By 1869 he had adopted a butterfly signature, evolved from his initials “JW”, to replace his name in order to enhance the decorative quality of his works. He did not want his pictures to be literary and his new monogram helped to distance his images from the written word. The butterfly was the perfect symbol for his art, being beautiful and fligh...

James Abbott McNeill Whistler Signature | James Abbott McNeill Whistler (Lowell, Massachusetts, EE. UU., 11 de ...

Whistler’s butterfly signature developed over many years. At the time of the Whistler v. Ruskin trial he added a sting to its tail and when he married in 1888 he attached a trefoil for luck.

Parody of "Whistler's Mother"

Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1: Biker Babe.....Whistler's Mother Parody

US 1934 # 737 - 3¢ Whistler's Mother strip of 4 stamps MNH

Pop Culture Recreations of Classic Paintings - My Modern Metropolis

Based on James Whistler's famous painting of his mother, this poster urges men to enlist with the Irish Canadian Rangers and to fight for the women in their own lives. It appeals to notions of motherhood and family values that were popular at the time, and often attributed to this painting.

nice dress shape

Art Nouveau posters

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Cube earrings- I'm still on the search for the perfect architectural cube earrings, but these are pretty good

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