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Yes I am !!! :):):) Finally going to be able to put some things behind me. Feeling happy and at total peace with some decisions and ready to tie up the last remaining loose ends. It's taken some time and it has been pretty difficult, but it has finally shown to be worth it :) Grateful. Thankful. Happy. Wishing EVERYONE out there the peace I have in my heart.

Sometimes or they act like they don't understand and you're the bad guy when you treat them like they treated you all along. It was no big deal while they were doing it (because "that's just how they are" or "they were just trying to make so and so happy"), but you're just mean when give them they same treatment that they have given you the entire time you've known them!

Lauren Conradfrom Lauren Conrad

Photo Diary: Summer Shenanigans

Hand-lettered Typography Art from The Black Apple - The Bee's Knees Print 8x10 - the blackapple on etsy

Treat Yo Self – Gold & Turquoise Art Print by Cat Coquillette. Loooove this color combo - i want to try to cross stitch this for a friend!