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  • Mikki Detten

    Lace pattern on wood - put lace over wood and spray paint through it, leaving the lace design painted on the wood.

  • Shari Lynne Hawkins

    For the look of painted lace pattern: Place lace over item surface and spray paint through it, leaving a pretty lace design! This would be interesting to do it with a glossy base and spraying matte in the same color - grey or white. I've seen this technique used for pottery painting, as well.

  • Samantha Lawrence

    spray paint furniture over lace...I like this idea!

  • Dawn

    Lay lace over a drawer piece of wood and spray paint through it, leaving the lace design in paint on the wood!

  • Diane Silflow-Imes

    lace stencil w. spray paint..

  • Kori Stallings

    From Kara Paslay: put lace over a drawer/piece of wood and spray paint through it, leaving the lace design in paint on the wood... Could look cheesy- could look amazing!....Linen and Lace: pattern could be used on pillows, baby onesies, etc...nice string of "pearls" to go with it or simple flower, etc.

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