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Today's Kimono. Houmongi.

Japanese kimono designer Jotaro Saito at Japan

Kimono communication of Dali | Houmongi leaves and red flowers on a white background dressed in kimono no2 hen Houmongi Dali. Bibi Tsurezure

A piece from Jotaro Saito’s fashion show — this is a houmongi, with motif at the hem and on one side of each sleeve, a semi-formal kimono.

Today was the second day of erikae of Momokazu! In Gion Kobu there is a tradition that on the second day new geiko wear simple houmongi kimo...

Amazing kimono with a flying swallows motif. The dark collar is especially notable as it is not a feature widely spread today (collars in contrasting colors were a fashionable statement during Edo era).


Traditional Japanese Kimono

Japanese kimono was inspired by "Hanfu" - traditional Han Chinese clothing(first recorded "Hanfu" were somewhere around the Liao Dynasty and earlier).

Not One Step Back

Japanese Fashion - Kimono

japanese kimono, any one know about it and adore about it. Kimono itself has all of Japanese 's beauty, essence, secret and it like a beautiful women, who charming us from silhouette, shape, to the pattern and the way they wear it.

Japanese Fashion - Kimono

Japanese wedding style kimono

Japanese Kimono

Japanese KIMONO

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Japanese Kimono Tsujigahana

Japanese kimono

Thanks days【小物合せのポイント】

Japan, Edo-Komon Houmongi Kimono with a scenery of the swallow playing with lope curtain, which is dyed. Silhouette of scenery like forest is designed on the sleeves and around the hem