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@Overstock - Store all your jewelry where they wont get tangled or damaged during travel with this elegant jewel case. A range of compartments hold all of your favorite accessories. The case comes with a small padlock and set of keys for extra security. $50.00

travel pouch set, going to make these with recycled plastic shopping bags and saved buttons velcro etc!

Linen Cosmetic Bag set - You can use the large one to place your emergency ensemble components inside of (roll to save space nad prevent wrinkles), and the medium sized to hold your cosmetics, and the small for miscellaneous items like your hand cream, lint brush, and lipstick.

Jewelry Travel Bag idea. The pattern from craftsy is just like this, but without the ring bar.

The ultimate jewelry travel case

Probably one of the most ingenious products I've ever seen: an undies pouch! Yes, you read that right! This pouch is designed to store 3-6 bras and 4-6 undies within the compartments. There's a detachable zipper pouch to store undies waiting to be thrown into the laundry. There's also a pocket on the side for other lady essentials too. This is also super handy for traveling as I can pack all my essentials in the pouch and just toss it into the luggage. This is available at!

Great jewelry case - conveniently folds up into a nice little cube!

Make sure to bring this cute and handy travel bag along on your travels! This bag is incredibly spacious for all your essential items during your trip. It includes numerous zippered pockets to store items like an iPad Mini, multiple card slots, with even more pockets to store a map, a guide book, and even a journal. The main compartment can also store a water bottle + more too. The entire bag can also be securely worn across your shoulder! This handy travel bag is available at

The Travel Pouch v4 features a large and convenient compartment to store all your travel documents and other travel necessities!

Wow -- check out this super cute Essential Pouch Collection! The First Aid Pouch is designed to hold your most essential first aid supplies while you are on the go or for home storage! You can use this pouch to carry band aids, ointments, medication and more! The adorable charger pouch is for smartphone or laptop chargers, USBs, earphones, or other electronics. Both pouches are super cute and very easily identifiable when you really need them! A medical blue is also available @!

How to travel with jewelry.

Must have for travel: this Jewelry Pouch! It's designed to conveniently hold all your essential jewelries in one secured location. Within the pouch contains multiple areas where you can easily attach your earrings to, hang your necklaces and bracelets, as well as a zippered pocket where you can securely store & organize even more jewelry! The Jewelry Pouch is quite minimalistic where you can easily put this in your purse or luggage while you are traveling! This is on my list of must haves!

Lose your keys? Or your phone? Never Lose Your Smartphone or Keys Again with this Smart Bluetooth Tracking Device. Download the free mobile App on IOS or Android phones and keep track of your keys or your mobile phone if you lose them in your home, office, car or anywhere within bluetooth range. Also has a Selfie Remote to take pictures on your Smartphone remotely.

Old English Sheepdog. Want one? I grew up with one next door who loved running through the corn fields. I loved to pet rub this big ole' boy. Wonderful heart memories of Rags for 45yrs. Will always love ya' darlin'.