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Do you think it's too much? LOTR stained glass window. Need to find a house with a window long enough.

"Ultimate Moments in Geekdom: When you look at a dwarf & think, "I'd hit that.""

"When an angry big brother grabs you by the throat, don't gaze creepily at his sister, you half-wit." < Repinning for that quote alone.

Poor Thorin ... Journey to Bag End from brilcrist ... Kili, dwarf, The Hobbit, Tolkien, Thorin Oakenshield, Fili, Thorin, hobbit

What Dis will do to Thorin should anything happen to her boys Fili and Kili, Hobbit fanart

This is apparently supposed to be Gimli babysitting Fili, Kili, and Ori, but as the age doesn't work (the artist hadn't realized that Gimili was actually younger than the other three), I'll just pretend it's supposed to be someone else. ^_^

Thorin and Bilbo by =brilcrist on deviantART

Fili, Dwalin, and Thorin. Artist unknown, but the style looks familiar. Anyone know?

Thorin *FiLi * KiLi I remember hearing the beginning of this song in the theater at the end of the movie but I didnt really listen to it and then I looked it up later and was actually listening to it and bawled like a baby for an hour..I need helpXD