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One of my friends family had their Xmas card pictures taken there one beautiful. And talk about withstanding the test of time

i don't just wanna watch one, but i want to be in one too or have someone arrange one for me...i think that would be really sweet!! (:

Have done this many times, have drove around many times too w/ my honey while snowing, wonderful times!!!

Explore India - still want to fully do this. so many places still left to visit

This seems like a good old American thing to do... can you do this anymore? I don't even know...

When I was a kid, my parents transformed a school bus into a camper. The sound of rain on a metal roof brings back a lot of memories.

Loved learning about the renaissance with my kids. We all voted that this is one place we would love to see.

Bucket list: go to the macy's thanksgiving day parade

travel around the world with someone i love

And see if I can identify all the Presidents by appearance, not just from memory! :)