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Remodeled Viewfinder Turns Any iPhone Into A 3-D Screen

Remodeled Viewfinder Turns Any iPhone Into A 3-D Screen - PSFK

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Thermometer Delivers Diagnosis, Calls Doctor

This smart thermometer not only takes your temperature - but also gives you diagnosis advice.

USB charging cable for your iPod, iPhone or Android phone that fits in your wallet!

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Next-Gen iPhone Dock Offers Robotic Motion, Exciting Platform Potential

The Galileo - MUCH more than simply a high-end iPhone mount. Read our interview with its creator

Highsnobietyfrom Highsnobiety

Chameleon Clock App for the iPad and iPhone

Say hello to Chameleon Clock - A big, bold, beautiful clock for iOS. Chameleon Clock blends into your environment by using the camera on the back of your device to either sample the colour of whatever is behind it or, play a live video feed.

Une Bobine takes the segmented, flexible metal cables of the sort used in industrial light fixtures and adapts it for iPhone charging, allowing the cable itself to serve as a stand.

Hypebeastfrom Hypebeast

WOW-Keys iPhone Keyboard Dock by Omnio

WOW-Keys ($100 USD) is a full-sized QWERTY keyboard/dock combination that allows you to input text from your iPhone to your desktop computer and also enables you to use your iPhone as a trackpad.

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Cellhelmet Repairs iPhones You Break While Using Its Case

If you break your iPhone in the Cellhelmet case, the company will either repair your phone or buy you a new one.

Ubergizmofrom Ubergizmo

Native’s Moshi Bluetooth iPhone dock makes your calls a bit more comfortable

Native’s Moshi Bluetooth iPhone Dock

The iPhone 360 Degree Panoramic Video Lens - Using the same technology found in U.S. Army surveillance cameras, this iPhone lens captures seamless 360º panoramic video.

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This Case Adds Four Extra Camera Lenses to Your iPhone [VIDEO]

Great idea! IPhone case incorporates 4 different high quality lenses (Kickstarter).

This is another example of good and smart design. The iPhone 5 Magnetic Battery Back Cover uses magnetic adsorption technology to add a battery to your iPhone 5. Becomes a back cover for your iPhone 5, too. Also can be used as an emergency battery for your iPad 4 / iPad Mini / iPod Touch 5th / iPod Nano 7th. This accessory is compatible with: - iPhone 5 $50


Three Lenses in One iPhone 4 Case

Lens case for iPhone


Chocolate 3D Printer Explores The Possibilities Of Edible Manufacturing

Great, now we can print food, too. MORE WAYS TO GET FAT! — Chocolate 3D Printer Explores The Possibilities Of Edible Manufacturing