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Everything you need to know about compound bows. Calculating draw lengths, weights, let off, etc.

AIG Asymmetric Warrior 338LM Precision Sniper Rifle, like the color.

Ninja Bow and Arrow

Ninja Bow and Arrow

Ninja Bow and Arrow

No bullets? No problem. Your buddies might joke, now, about you going all primitive with a bow, but when the Zombie Apocalypse'll be ahead of the pack. You got a bow! You need some food? Problem solved! Go hunting! Is that a "walker"? No, that WAS a "walker"! Problem solved. Also, while everyone is venturing into danger looking for bullets, you can fashion your own arrows with relative ease. [see knife and axe pins]. With a bow, you'll be a Zombie Apocalypse rockstar!!!

The PSE Heritage Series Blackhawk is a born to hunt traditional bow. You simply won't find a better one piece entry-level recurve. The riser...

Hoyt Buffallo recurve bow - Same as Katniss used in Hunger Games - Catching Fire. I want one for my birthday this year i think ;-)

What is this devilish contraption?? The technology is that of a crossbow; with its many gears but it is manually pulled back like a recurve bow. Absolutely genious!

AS50 semi auto sniper rifle, for those days when you feel like taking them down one by one.