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Winter Dreams Cocktail

Winter Dreams Cocktail - mandarin orange vodka, Cointreau (orange liqueur), fresh squeezed lemon juice, Seltzer water, fresh cranberries and mint for garnish

the candy cane: godiva white chocolate liqueur peppermint schnapps crushed candy canes -rim shot glass with crushed candy canes -mix equal parts liqueur & schnapps, shake, & pour into glasses YUMMY!

Winter Champagne Punch

Winter champagne punch with citrus, and refined sugar-free rosemary simple syrup made with honey. A classic champagne punch, elevated.

15 Foods That Make Us Smarter

Pomegranate and Orange Sangria | A winter red wine sangria with pomegranates and oranges, as well some cranberries, a cinnamon stick and a heavy splash of brandy.

Maca Coconut Latte

I'm a little obsessed with maca, like if maca were a guy, I'd probably have a crush. Just makes me feel good. Also, I feel like this is the fourth beverage recipe I've made, in a row, like for all of fall and winter I'm just going to teach you to make tea, but like cool tea, fancy tea. This isn't actually tea, because I believe tea is always made from leaves, or herbs, or sometimes flowers like in the case of lavender and chamomile. Maca is a root, like a beet, or a turnip. So, I've…


WINTER LEMONADE: Mandarin Mint | Mandarin Oranges and Clementines are one of my favorite things about the winter produce season. @kayleyq