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Chicken Care After First 60 Days, General Chicken Care, Coops - Once feathered move into a coop! 2-3 sqft per chicken in the henhouse & 4-5 sq/ft per chicken outside run. Keep local predators in mind! Flooring - Pine shavings work best. Try the deep litter method for low maint. Food & water-chicken layer feed / pellets. Or make a homemade chicken feeder / waterer, Treats - Vegetables, bread, bugs, chicken scratch(cracked corn, milo, wheat) LINK TO THE The Chicken Learning Center here!

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Molting. What is it and How to Help Chickens Get Through It

All chickens will molt annually, their first annual molt generally occurring around 16-18 months of age. During a molt, chickens will lose their feathers and grow new ones.

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How to Train Chickens to Come When Called -

Train your chickens to come when called, so you can let them out and get them in anytime you want. Also enables you to call them to safety when predators lurk. If you have multiple flocks, you can train each to come to a different call. Very helpful when you have new pullets free ranging with old flock, and need to get each flock to its own coop.

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Moo Goo Gai Pan

This recipe for moo goo gai pan is a classic dish of chicken and vegetables stir fried with a savory sauce. Plus secret tips on how to make your stir fries taste like they came from a restaurant!

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Chicken Caesar Wraps

Chicken Caesar Wraps - simple, delicious and the perfect recipe for lunch or a picnic.

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Moo Goo Gai Pan - Easy recipe for Chinese chicken and vegetable stir fry tossed in a nutty, sour, sweet and savory, gooey sauce (ready in 20 minutes!). We love this for a simple and healthy work lunch! |