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  • Melanie C. E.

    Front Door Sign: For neighborhood kids during homework and chore time. Very cool.

  • Amy Thompson-Foster

    Sorry, we can't play door hanger - great for homework time, dinner time, etc. We NEED this. Sorry we can't play so please don't knock, ring doorbell, or stand at the door and stare in our windows. No that doesn't mean come back in 10 minutes.... (I'm a meanie)

  • Stacy Simmons

    Door hangers to let the neighborhood kids know when your kid can't play.

  • Amanda Osborn

    For neighborhood kids during homework and chore time. Nice way to say no! I need this so bad. The neighborhood kids ring the door bell a hundred times.

  • Marissa Roberts

    For neighborhood kids during homework and chore time. (This would be a good idea, but there aren't many kids in the neighborhood. Maybe we'll need this when we move...) :-)

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