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  • lucia romani

    mass planting of pretty pink poppies

  • Diana Nored-Biegel

    Pink poppies along a garden path

  • Sally Reynolds Kenny

    Pink poppies, lovely poppy bed in Bexley OH that had been planted in the 1940s and left to propogate throughout the side yard...gorgeous and there were peonies in the front side yard

  • Sheila CHORN

    love this pale pink poppy

  • Diana Trout

    Pink poppies // Great Garden Ideas //

  • monique nickolson

    Pink poppies and ladies mantle. poppie is likely to be papaver orientale 'Karine' and is perennial. Plant will disappeare after flowering for a few weeks and then submerge again with new leaves. Waarschijnlijk papaver orientale 'Karine' in combinatie met vrouwenmantel (Alchemilla mollis). Papaver duikt onder na de bloei om na een paar weken weer te verschijnen met nieuw blad.

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