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    Almanzo Wilder -Little House on the Prairie

    Laura Ingalls Wilder on the front porch of the home Almanzo built for them near Mansfield, Missouri. Love this!

    Almanzo Wilder's family, undated photo: front back row: Almanzo, Laura, Eliza Jane; front row: Royal, James, Perley, Angeline, Alice.

    Mary Bell - child serial killer When she was 10, Mary Bell strangled a 4 year old boy named Martin Brown. When she was 11, she, along with a 13 year old friend killed another boy, this time a 3 year old named Brian Howe. They strangled him, and Mary carved an “M” into his stomach, cut off his hair, and mutilated his genitals. She was convicted shortly afterwards and served 12 years in prison, eventually she was released and granted permission to start life under a new name. She ...

    Another Pinner: Most people don't realize that Laura Ingalls Wilder was more than just a writer of children's books. She was a prize winning farmer and wrote articles for pioneering women who were having trouble coping with living the pioneer lifestyle after leaving their lives in the "modern" cities. Many of those women actually killed their husbands in order to get to go back to their lives of "luxury". Others went into insanity. She was a fascinating woman.

    Lord Alfred Douglas and Oscar Wilde were supposedly involved in a clandestine affair. Persecution and prosecution by Lord Douglas, the father, destroyed Oscar Wilde and ultimately led to his early death a shattered man.

    Obituary of Almanzo Wilder.

    I have never, ever seen a vintage maternity photo like this. I've very rarely seen any.

    Sarah Rector--By the age of 10, she became the richest Black child in America. She received a land grant from the Creek Nation as part of reparations. Soon after, oil was discovered on her property. By 1912, the revenue from this oil was $371,000 per year (roughly $6.5 million today). Despite various attempts to steal her land and fortune, Sarah resisted. She went on to attend Tuskegee University and eventually settled in Kansas City, Missouri where her mansion still stands.

    The Ingalls dugout home in Walnut Grove

    The Ingalls Family. Seated from left: Ma (Caroline), Pa (Charles), Mary Standing from left: Carrie, Laura, Grace

    Ingalls family - Laura Ingalls Wilder

    The Queen's mother-in-law. Princess Alice of Battenberg (1885-1969) was the mother of Prince Philip. She was born deaf, but read lips in several languages. She married Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark in 1903 and had 5 children. Her family was exiled from Greece in 1917. Her later years were devoted to charity and she founded the order of nuns known as the Christian Sisterhood of Martha and Mary.

    "They Pass for White! For 20 years, five million Negroes have lived a big white lie. This year more than 60,000 others will also "disappear." Here's why they do it! [click on this image to find an analysis and excerpt from a documentary on the social construction of race]

    Newborn baby boy Lucien P. Smith Jr in the arms of a nurse, November 1912. Smith's mother, Eloise Hughes Smith (1893 - 1940), was pregnant while a passenger returning from her honeymoon on board the White Star liner Titanic when the ship sank on 15th April 1912. Smith's husband, Lucien P. Smith, was also on board, but did not survive. Eloise later married a fellow Titanic survivor, Robert P. Daniel

    Laura Ingalls-Wilder, Almanzo Wilder

    Hermann Rorschach, c. 1910. This Swiss psychiatrist developed the famous inkblot test that bears his name.

    Robert Graves, c. 1914, age 19. Reported dead at the Somme, Graves was one of the few of his generation to survive the war. He became a translator, poet, and novelist, and was the author of I, Claudius. Graves died at the age of 90 in 1985. Submitted by rrendyourheart

    Jane Bielawski and her doll 'Missy'. Following the suspicious deaths of some of her playmates in a New York tenement, police attempted to interview Jane. According to reports, the young girl went 'crazy' and accused her doll of the murders, before throwing the doll out of her apartment window while screaming, "Bad dolly! Naughty dolly!" Jane was taken to Bloomingdale Asylum to be treated for 'hysteria'. She was never to leave the institution, dying there an old woman in 1968.

    Romanov history