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I'm doing it. Right Now. True blood

achantrenne: “ alexanderskarsgard-sexyswede: “ you don’t have to tell me twice.

True Blood

Not a true blood fan, well watcher, but I like the vamp/werewolf stuff. So this is funny to me!

I like my vampires tall, blonde, and VIKING. *cough* Eric Northman *cough*

I like my vampires tall, blonde, and VIKING. *cough* Eric Northman *cough* (I'd settle for Asher too, tho.) Or blood red hair and Damian :)

Actually, I would pay cash money if he would keep his clothes on ALL THE TIME.

Scorpio.  This is why we try to wear black folks.  It REALLY is a public service.  I had a total stranger (man) come up and sit beside me once out of the clear blue and start telling me about his divorce over his kinky sex life within the first two minutes of him setting down.  This my friends was at a church camp.  You people really need to slow down on the informational vomit-deloading.

First of all it's not only from TrueBlood, it's Pam from True Blood, so it's great to begin with. But then I read the quote and. I can relate lol.

true blood.  After Tara said Sam barks in his sleep

One liners and amusing quotes from True Blood. If any of the quotes published are wrong, feel.

True Blood, baby!  Vampire Barbie, Lafayette, Baby Vamp  friends...what more do you need?  Oh yeah.  Alcide.

True Blood Season 5 starts this Sunday (June We cant wait!