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Homophones Literacy

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Homophones English

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Fce Writing

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Digital Literacy

Great #infographic on homophones #engchat

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grammar mistakes

grammar mistakes

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grammar mistakes

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YourDictionaryfrom YourDictionary

Affect vs. Effect Grammar Rules

Grammar English Learning

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English Education Major

Affect vs. Effect Grammar Rules - Confused? Learn more Confusing #English Word Pairs today! -

Adjectives Grammar

English Adjectives

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English Vocabulary

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How to teach english adjectives so that your student will learn them immediately? Infographic

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. # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Aren'T Paying

Behavior Ideas

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Sweet Behavior

Management Students

Behavior Checklist

27 things to do with students who are not paying attention. i swear i try a lot of these and some kids just are not there... guess i am just boring!!!!!

English Esl

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Ed And Ing Adjectives

Adjectives In English

Grammar Adjectives


Adjectives ending in ED and ING - learn English,grammar,adjectives,english

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The difference between Do vs Make in English

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Verbs | Grammar Newsletter - English Grammar Newsletter - Part 2

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Sorting Activities! Great for partner centers or small groups!

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Informative Writing In Kindergarten


Favorite Punctuation

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How To Use a Semicolon

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a whole site dedicated to organizing your classroom