Rocking Horse Wood Sculpture 'Kid Brother' by MollyHeyer on Etsy

carosel style bow rocker horse

I want this rocking horse!!!

Wooden Rocking Horse

Antique rocking many children, my obsession with horses and riding started with one of these...

Just like a vintage riding toy, this Horse on Wheels will add a playful touch to your home decor.

So how'd you sleep last night? I got a full forty minutes and still had time to build a rocking horse. :)

Horse of Many Colors Wall Sticker

cutest rocking horse ever.


Rocking Horse - The most amazing and wonderful rocking horse with a small childs oak spindleback chair at both ends of the pale blue over older green painted rockers. The horse sports a padded and paint embelished saddle with a green bridle and harness and wonderful glass eyes. Great old surface. OriginEnglish CircaLate 19th c. Height48 1/2 in Width91 1/4 in Depth20 in

old rocking horse

Beautiful rocking horse

Old Rocking Horse

Beautiful rocking horse. Amazing site for horses of all kinds. LOVE!

Silver Jubilee Mahogany Rocking Horse...Gorgeous!

Rocking Horse

A replica of an F H Ayres rocking horse on a bow, available with or without chairs. An elegant rocking horse, carved, dappled and tacked up in the original style of F H Ayres horses.

large painted and carved wood rocking horse, fabric seat, tail, mane and bridle with bells, green-painted wooden rockers

rocking horse

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