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Some of your clothes

eeyore: grandma bought you him, we may need the whole collection!

Awesome blog for first time moms that has the basic things to register that are time tested and approved by moms all over! A+

Onesies or as I like to call them vests: got loads donated by Aunty Charlie and Aunty Annette

snugly fleece blanket

Similar to this Christening Blanket, a blanket that was specially for your Daddy :-)

Swaddle time! Unless like your cousin you wiggle out little Houdini!

Breastfeeding. Whilst also looking beautiful, naturally!



The teddies are trying to be patient

A lovely teddy bear who looks as friendly as this one. He was Great Grandma's friend and now he's yours

A Hungry Caterpillar bib: I have a feeling the Eric Carle collection will get bigger

Grandma and Granddad bought you back a dubai toy camel kinda like this

Just like this but not so bright. Let's face it I would buy anything with Elmer on!

tigger baby grow a bit like this - also very tempted by the tigger outfit!

Jelly cat elephant rattle

Royal blue was our favourite colour, even if you're a girl

Bugaboo Bee Pushchair - supposed to be good for the buses!

I will probably let you have a bounce but it's all mine for now!

Your cot looks a but like this...well we haven't made it up for you yet

turquoise bumbo -sit up straight!