• Kathryn Stinebaker

    Food for thought, be kind to yourself!

  • Jordan Levine

    how long? some might say, "not very long," others, "forever." respect yourself <3

  • jasmin carrero

    ...so speak to yourself like you would your best friend -- honestly, but full of grace. Be nice.

  • Amber Weaver

    This is so true. Positive self talk is so important!

  • Amy

    wise words... be kind to yourself

  • Diana Root

    wow that is so true. what we say to our selves impact us. we need to be kind to other and especially our selves

  • Wendy @ LoveAlwaysMommy

    This is so true. I definitely need to remember this.

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reality check!

♥ Grey's

remember this

sometimes you gotta do it

Hmmm, so true

Winnie the Pooh

hahaha I love this. :D

I'd like to give it a try

i'm pretty sure that should end with "biotch" and a shit eatin grin and a hair toss



Ya know!

bahahaha :D

Some people's kids!

sad, but true.


for a friend♥

true with friends and love! :)

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