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Richard Armitage an Ashcroft photo in the browns with Richard in black.

Richard Armitage/Thorin Oakenshield/John Thornton/Guy of Gisborne/

Richard Armitage-this guy deserves his own freakin' board!!!

Image of Richard Armitage from the set of Black Sky. This was tweeted by movie producer Todd Garner.

Just when I thought he could not be MORE perfect...HE PAINTS TOO!! O!M!G!!!!

I can vouch for this approach. I used it often in high school...

Richard Armitage SO THE WAY I WAS BROUGHT UP (THEY BEFORE I as my gran would say

♥ Richard Armitage i could not have said it better myself. and some of the best fiction is based in fact anyway.

Thorin is pretty awesome, but he was kind of a jerk toward Bilbo at the Lonely Mountain.