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Middle School Assembly-Line Activities

by Jessica Westover
Teach middle school students about the importance of the industrial revolution through activities that involve assembly lines. Illustrate the innovation and effectiveness of an assembly line by setting up mini-factories in the classroom. As students participate in forming an assembly line, their und...

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Trashketball and other games for middle and high school students that require little to zero effort.

One of my favorite activities every year was making an assembly line to build cars! After all, I do live in Michigan! I told the children ...

INSTAGRAM SCENES ACTIVITY G3-7 *Plot: Students choose the key scenes/ moments of a story and draw them as Instagram posts. *Character: Students draw Instagram photos that would have been taken by 6 different characters in a story. *Perspective *Biography *Visual Metaphors

Great activity for Immigration in America for interactive history lesson. Cool!

Turn of the Century Immigrant Drawing activity -immigration -gilded age -American History -editable

Would you have joined the new assembly line at Ford Motor Co.? Your students will research a wide variety of sources including interviews from early Ford employees, an article written by Henry Ford about working on the assembly line, and historians commenting on the Antisemitism and treatment of immigrant workers by administrators at Ford Motor Co.

This brief worksheet includes a biography of the famed millionaire robber baron Andrew Carnegie and a set of comprehension questions that gauge students' understanding of the reading and key concepts pf the Age of Industry. A great activity for younger students to bring reading into the classroom and have them relate their lives to that of Carnegie's at their age. Includes an answer key for your convenience.

Amazing student-centered activity on American Imperialism! students analyze events to determine if the US acted more like a World Leader or a Bully during the Age of Imperialism! All readings, worksheets, and key included!

This simple worksheet includes a primary source political cartoon about John D. Rockefeller's famous Standard Oil monopoly. Students must read an introductory text and then analyze the cartoon to answer a set of analysis questions. This makes for a great warm up when you cover the Gilded Age in America, industrialization, or Robber Barons.