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    Teach middle school students about the importance of the industrial revolution through activities that involve assembly lines. Illustrate the innovation and effectiveness of an assembly line by setting up mini-factories in the classroom. As students participate in forming an assembly line, their und...

    Middle School Assembly-Line Activities



    • Penny Aronson

      Middle school students learn about the industrial revolution through assembly-line activities.

    • Paige Till

      7th Grade Classroom Activities for the First Day of School

    • Patti Perkins

      Middle School First Day of School Activities | eHow

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    One of my favorite activities every year was making an assembly line to build cars! After all, I do live in Michigan! I told the children ...

    INSTAGRAM SCENES ACTIVITY G3-7 *Plot: Students choose the key scenes/ moments of a story and draw them as Instagram posts. *Character: Students draw Instagram photos that would have been taken by 6 different characters in a story. *Perspective *Biography *Visual Metaphors

    Great activity for Immigration in America for interactive history lesson. Cool!

    Turn of the Century Immigrant Drawing activity -immigration -gilded age -American History -editable

    Would you have joined the new assembly line at Ford Motor Co.? Your students will research a wide variety of sources including interviews from early Ford employees, an article written by Henry Ford about working on the assembly line, and historians commenting on the Antisemitism and treatment of immigrant workers by administrators at Ford Motor Co. www.teacherspayte...

    Good collection of books about immigration for kids

    American Imperialism PowerPoint. Many students may not realize that America had an empire (although not as large as Britain or France) and it is vital to inform them of that.

    Your secondary students will love this engaging and interactive activity! Students will simulate working on an assembly line during the Industrial Revolution. Students will compete to make toy soldiers. The teacher will act as the company manager, firing students if they are not performing. Turn up the heat and play the “Factory Sounds” sound clip included to simulate a real factory at the turn of the century. Detailed teacher and student directions are included. FUN! FUN! FUN!

    How to Use to Create a Fake Text Message Exchange. Summative for IIU?

    ~Common Core Informational Text Task Cards~ Inference, Main Idea, and Cause and Effect task cards that focus on social studies~These task cards are a great way to review the Common Core standards and help students learn about Ellis Island and immigration at the same time. Students gain useful history knowledge as they review the Common Core Standards. $

    This brief worksheet includes a biography of the famed millionaire robber baron Andrew Carnegie and a set of comprehension questions that gauge students' understanding of the reading and key concepts pf the Age of Industry. A great activity for younger students to bring reading into the classroom and have them relate their lives to that of Carnegie's at their age. Includes an answer key for your convenience.

    This worksheet features a simple chart of 7 famous American muckrakers, their works, subjects, and the effects they had on America. After reading the chart, students complete a set of analysis questions to help demonstrate their understanding of muckrakers and their effects.

    This fantastic CCSS focused lesson plan covers American Imperialism and whether the US acted more like a "leader" or a "bully" through its actions during the late 1800's to early 1900's. it covers the Spanish American War, annexation of Hawaii, and more!

    This fun activity has students read about and sit 8 Robber Barons & progresives at a dinner table, making sure to sit each one next to another person that they have something in common with! An awesome activity for Common Core reading and visual learners! Includes all 8 short readings, 3 dinner tables templates, and a bonus Progressives newspaper assignment!

    This simple worksheet includes a primary source political cartoon about John D. Rockefeller's famous Standard Oil monopoly. Students must read an introductory text and then analyze the cartoon to answer a set of analysis questions. This makes for a great warm up when you cover the Gilded Age in America, industrialization, or Robber Barons.

    Grade 8 American History - Immigration and Urbanization and the Progressive Era

    Invention Group Project (commercial & advertisement) The Industrial Revolution. World History Lesson Plans

    This complete 1 day lesson plan features a visually striking powerpoint that covers the major effects of the Industrial Revolution. Rather than simply copying the notes, students must analyze whether each effect was positive or negative and list it in the correct category. While some such as "improved education" are simple, others like "population increase" lead to excellent class discussions as students weigh the pros and cons.

    All Things Beautiful: Business Tycoons of the Gilded Age