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Interactive Notebook Resources: Ready to Use in the Social Studies Classroom

Interactive Notebook Resources ready to use in the middle school history/social studies middle classroom. There are so many benefits to using the interactive notebook at the middle school level. Comprehension and retention are increased, students learn key concepts in multiple ways, and creativity and higher-level thinking are incorporated on a daily basis.

Classroom poster for middle school/high schoolers. From a middle school teacher friend of mine. Not just limited to the classroom--talking about personal business ANYWHERE makes it EVERYONE'S business!

Perfect for back to school in middle school! How does this activity work? Directions: • Color the map of South America. Each color is worth a different dollar amount. • Make the cheapest map possible. • WARNING! Before you get started, there is a catch... no colors can touch.

10 Classroom Jobs for Middle School and High School - good to set up at the beginning of the year if you're going to

This great Instagram Activity is perfect to use in your elementary or middle school (or even high school!) classroom to help student further understand characterization, symbols, and evidence based writing. Hits multiple Common Core Standards in a fun way - and it's a free resource!

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Great Big List of Hands On Homeschool History Activities for Kids from preschool, through elementary school to middle school. From ancient times to modern times.

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First Day of School Stations - Back to School Activity

First Day of School Stations - Back to School Activity--5th grade, but a great idea! I may alter for 2nd.

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Editable FREE Bright Polka Dot Monthly Calendars 2016-2017

FREE 2015-16 bright, whimsical school year calendar. Print in PDF as is or in PowerPoint to add text! From Light Bulbs and Laughter on TpT.

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Crime Scene Activity: Analyzing Primary and Secondary Source Evidence

“The Case of the Student Teacher Gone Missing” is a customizable activity that asks students to solve a crime based on their analysis of evidence. First students must classify the twelve pieces of evidence as primary or secondary source evidence. Then students must decide which type of evidence they will use: primary or secondary, and explain why. Finally, students will analyze each piece of relevant evidence to draw conclusion about who the guilty teacher might be.

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3 in 1 - Taking Notes Worksheets

Closure activity: 3-2-1 I'm stealing this! exit slip

8 Effective Ways To Get To Know Your Students. Great for back-to-school activities.

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Declaration of Independence

In this activity, students act as delegates & debate the actual issues from the Stamp Act Congress, 1st Continental Congress, & 2nd Continental Congress. For more activities, see my 3 week unit on the Declaration of Independence.

INSTAGRAM SCENES ACTIVITY G3-7 *Plot: Students choose the key scenes/ moments of a story and draw them as Instagram posts. *Character: Students draw Instagram photos that would have been taken by 6 different characters in a story. *Perspective *Biography *Visual Metaphors

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The Assembly Line Simulation – The Industrial Revolution

Your secondary students will love this engaging and interactive activity! Students will simulate working on an assembly line during the Industrial Revolution. Students will compete to make toy soldiers. The teacher will act as the company manager, firing students if they are not performing. Turn up the heat and play the “Factory Sounds” sound clip included to simulate a real factory at the turn of the century. Detailed teacher and student directions are included. FUN! FUN! FUN!

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Great Depression - Photo Analysis Centers Activity and Writing Assignment

The students rotate through each of the five centers in order to view a different image related to the Great Depression and use an included photo analysis chart in order to record their observations and interpretations of each image. The photo analysis chart requires students to interpret each photo and then to offer an overall interpretation. This is a great activity for building and improving student photo analysis skills and collaboration skills as they rotate and work with other…