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It's okay to say God Bless America - there are some people I know that don't appreciate where they live. So I say "God Bless America" and "Proud to LIVE in America"! Cause Wade Baker is an asshole who doesn't appreciate the great America.

jrc18usafwife:    waitingformyotherhalf:    Saw this on my Facebook newsfeed I started crying     my heart just broke :’(  (Source: tomorrow-iwillbestronger, via battosai1)

so sad :( Please meet Landon. his dad Marine LCPL Carpenter made the ultimate sacrifice while serving with the in Afghanistan earlier this year. a month before his son was born. Never forget the price of freedom.

life liberty & pursuit of happiness

Idea of “United States Declaration of Independence”

Declaration of Independence quote - Happy Independence Day! Thank you Rocky Welton for requiring us to learn these words!

YEP!!!  U.S. Marines Rock

Marine Veterans represent only of the US population of 300 million people. That is where the slogan; "The Few, the Proud; The Marines," comes from.

Huh.  Dad was Air Force, Grandpa was Navy, uncles/cousins are Army and Marines.  Not sure if I'm allowed to laugh at this.

Army Survival Guide My brother and dad were Army and my hubs and another brother of mine are Marines. Love the sibling military rivalry.