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    • Penny Kingsbury

      This is an artwork called “Apple Globe” where a real apple has been transformed into a miniature sculpture of a globe by neatly carving a world map on its surface. Artist - Kevin Van Aelst

    • Dariusz Adamek

      And what if I told you that the world was a big apple?

    • Aaliya Noori

      We all have read geography at the school and college time, and familiar with the world map perfectly. If you’re not geography student then you have seen globe at the desk of your principal. World map is the effective way to get the knowledge of any city, country, river, sea, or any other geographic fields around the world. World map which we have

    • Lingua Garden

      map of the world; food art

    • Lanell Beckles

      Nom nom nom. Map of the World on an Apple. #foodart #creativity

    • Amy Funk

      Apple art world map

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