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  • Marisa Sosa-Baca

    Kitchen, Office and Bedrooms Tourmaline increases flexibility, happiness, objectivity, compassion and serenity. It also enhances tolerance and understanding. It is a stone that is very helpful for channeling. Tourmaline is also a very protecting stone. It is called the Poet's Stone. Tourmaline is often associated with the heart chakra, particularly watermelon tourmaline, where it opens one to accept love.

  • Susan Maunula

    Rubellite - paprok, afghanistan. Pink tourmaline is one of the colors of the tourmaline family. Tourmaline is an alternate birthstone for October and an eighth wedding anniversary. The meaning attached to pink tourmaline comes from a mix of legend, folklore and New-Age beliefs and metaphysics. #Crystals

  • Marlene Stabin

    Pink tourmaline is a gentle stone that directly touches the heart! The color varies widely from pale pink to deep red. t has the potential to heal emotional wounds with its soft, soothinig energy to bring feelings of comfort and safety

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Fine terminated crystal of Indicolite Tourmaline! ~ From the Laghman Province, Nuristan, Afghanistan.

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Rubellite is pink to red tourmaline. It has the mystical properties of tourmaline as well as its own. It is a stone of balance and calm. It helps bring emotional balance and helps open up, relax, and detach from personal pain. It can be used with lepidolite as a super-powerful energy for calming people in distress. As prosperity is a natural effect of a life in balance, rubellite also brings abundance. Rubellite is also a stone of passion, bringing passionate energy and love.

multicoloured tourmaline

☆ Pink Tourmaline :¦: It is Good for recovering from abuse, and healing the inner child. Brings deep comforting love energy. Transforms negative behavior into positive. Love, spirituality, joy, peace, understanding. Emotional and spiritual love, healing emotional loss and emotional pain, fear, instills self-gentleness (especially with severe illness like cancer, emphysema, etc.). Powerful when combined with Kunzite or Rhodocrosite. Self-love, compassion, release of old hurts + Trust.☆

Who can say this isn't Nature having fun!!! Quartz, tourmaline, and albite from Afghanistan

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41-ct bicolor tourmaline crystal, back lit to show color, Paproke Mine, Afghanistan