Shoe lace patterns

18 ways to tie a necktie How to videos

Chain-mail out of can tabs....interesting.

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to tie the exotic and attention-grabbing Eldredge necktie knot. reminds me of elven armor. | Raddest Men’s Fashion Looks On The Internet:

MAKE | HOW TO – Tie the 10 most useful knots

So cool!

"How to be the only person who can see your monitor." -- What the heck? That's awesome!

How to tie a beautiful bow. Classic bow of St. George ribbon. Bows for gifts and decorations

Suede peep toe booties.

Dip-dyed Shoes - should work with shirts as well

How To Get Rid of Smelly Feet and Shoes Naturally. You can spray this on your feet every morning and evening and use it to spray the inside of your shoes after using. For the kids!

shadow animal fun!

Take a page from an old book and find a sentence you like. Mark out the rest and frame it! Favorite idea ever.

if your shorts are too tight just cut the seem and insert lace!

Prusik Knot | How to tie the Prusik Knot | Climbing Knots

Very simple bag pattern

DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet by lamanufacture #DIY #Friendship_Bracelet

A great idea for making those comfortable hoodies more sophisticated...add a blazer over it!

For a cracked iPhone. Go over the cracks with color sharpies and wipe off the extra with a damp paper towel as you go :)