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Seam Ripper as Vacuum Roller Cleaner- Restore a vacuum to maximum power by cutting the lint and hair from its roller brush. Seam Ripper as Vacuum Roller Cleaner

Cleaning is not that costly or difficult anymore. These simple hacks will change the way you think about cleaning forever. 1. Attach A Squirt Nozzle To The Vacuum Cleaner To Reach Narrow Spaces  2....

Looking for tips on permanent marker removal? Removing permanent markPut a dab of white toothpaste on the marker. Then rub like crazy with a damp washcloth or paper towel. (I like to use my microfiber cloth.

Cleaning blinds: old, odd sock, equal parts vinegar and water

A simple way to clean blinds: Mix equal parts vinegar and warm water in a bowl. Slip an old odd sock on your hand and wipe all the grimy dirt away. When your sock gets really dirty, rinse it in some clean water and repeat the cleaning process.

How To Clean Your Bathroom Like A Pro!One Good Thing by Jillee | One Good Thing by Jillee

5 Easy Steps That Will Get Your Bathroom Clean In Minutes

Step-by-step instructions (from a veteran "cleaning lady") on how to clean your bathroom like a PRO! I hate cleaning bathrooms, but this seems quick & easy.

The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to clean your grout!!!!! Works great on tubs and showers - never using anything else again.

Miracle Grout Cleaner- Finally clean your dirty grout with ONE product and a total cost of under 3 dollars!


The 21 Germiest Places You're Not Cleaning

Greatist: The 21 Germiest Places You’re Not Cleaning - It's easy to avoid obviously dirty objects. But what about those that secretly house icky bacteria? Here are 21 everyday objects that probably need a deep clean right about now.

How to Make your Stainless Shine 1. Spray entire sink with vinegar. 2. Sprinkle baking soda 3. Let sit for 10 minutes 5. Rinse sink with boiling water. 6. Spray some more vinegar onto sink and scrub away. 7. wipe it down with a paper towel. 8. Then spray some goo gone in the sink and wipe down the sink. 9. After that put a little bit of olive oil onto a paper towel {or rag} and "buff" your sink. It really renews the shine to your sink.

How To Make Your Stainless Steel Shine ~ Another pinner says: I just did this to my sink and it looks just as shiny as the picture. I didn't think my old, nicked up, stainless sink could look so good, but it does! How to make your stainless shine.

how to clean blinds the easy way, cleaning tips

cleaning ideas Idea Box by Cynthia H

10 Smart Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks-How to clean blinds; the easy way⚜Buffy VS⚜

Refrigerator Door Water Tray Cleaning Trick: Pour enough vinegar to fill all the groves of the tray. Put a little dish soap on it and scrub away. Note for REALLY bad build up, if the vinegar alone doesn't clean it, try adding salt to the vinegar & soap.

How to clean hard water stains! Refrigerator Door Water Tray Gunk Cleaning Trick-white vinegar soak and little dish soap wash

Find out how to get dried paint out of clothes at TidyMom.net

How to get paint out of clothes

How to get paint out of clothes: No need to throw it out! you just need a little rubbing alcohol and a brush to get dried paint out of clothes.