Noir Series by Sit Haiiro

Artwork by SiT, Noir collection

HAIIRO (2012) - sit

floral zebra

Creepy pair of dolls - INTERMUNDIS, le blog officiel de Julien Martinez

rainy day _red and black emerico imre toth

Sexy Geisha

{Boldness and Grace} I love Anna Magruder's paintings; such whimsy

SIT – Haiiro Trash (2012)

Noir Series by Sit Haiiro | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials

Illustrious: Cry Me A River / Nguyen Thanh Nhan • Black, Gray, Gold, Illustration

NOIR (2011) With ‘Noir’ Sit returns to his bold black & whites, examining the troubled relation between the animal kingdom and mankind even closer. This time around his work is focused on the magnificent beauty of the beast and the way it is used to serve the vanity that is intricate to humanity. The result is a haunting series that is simultaneously sexy and morbid. The sensual textures of fur and feathers are juxtaposed with pale animal skulls and soft female curves to illustrate the m...

NOIR (2011) - sit


Intricately carved water buffalo skull.


White haired woman and fish