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Sam Rockwell ~ one of my most favorite actors, plus he's such a cutie. Love him ~

Sam Rockwell, simply because he's fantastic

Sam Rockwell needs to be in more movies

sam shepard. been madly in love with since i read Fool For Love forever ago.

Sam Rockwell. In my mind's eye, he plays the lead in every Chuck Pahluniak book I read.

sam rockwell, what's that? You left your wallet at my place? I'm still in bed...

Sam Rockwell by Mark Abrahams

Sam Rockwell he's my non hot hot guy older crush. I really have no idea what it is about him I like so much....

sam rockwell. OK, he asked for a discount,..but his performances as chuck barris in "confessions of a dangerous mind', and in "moon" were out of this world.

Sam Neill and buddy, hangin' out