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  • Kelly Francis

    Urban relief gardens played an important role in sustaining large populations of Americans during economic depressions including both World War I and World War II. These victory gardens made gardening a patriot activity and introduced raising backyard chickens as an activity for everyone.

  • Moana Nursery

    Vintage Victory Garden Poster "Keep 'em flying"

  • Jay D

    Victory Garden Poster Art

  • Ben Riddle

    "Keep 'em Flying." Chickens. Poster series. Farming.

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How to Raise Chickens - All about Raising Organic, Backyard Chickens. I will need this for our small farm someday!

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We raised our girls on real food, and they loved everything I tried with them except for yogurt (go figure). At six weeks old, I introduced them to commercial grower feed. They didn't like it. While I found that to be somewhat annoying, I was very proud them them for knowing the difference between "real food" and manufactured food-like substances.

violet in the (hidden) birdbath by contentedsparrow{megan}, via Flickr

Put your chickens in the garden over winter! They will eat the grubs, fertilize & stir it all together.

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It's a a sweater. And it's the cutest thing ever!

Backyard chickens is totally where it's at! Our chickens are babies right now, but I can't wait to taste what a happy chicken's egg tastes like!

Chickens and Roses by terriem, via Flickr

Raising chickens, seeing their eggs hatch, feeling a warm fresh egg in my hands first thing in the morning is super amazing and humbling !