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Concentrated Awesome!! A phrase I will be sharing with a few of my vertically challenged young men at Bellevue Middle School. The smallest ones have the biggest attitudes.

Auburn is a darker shade of red. Really I'm not lying, my hair is red (though it was more bright when I was younger). :)

I love all my gingers... the red headed ones and my gigi who is ginger hehe

Great shirt for red heads! Jenna we so need to get this for ginger Lmao!

She looks like she could be future you, Little Red :-D Or at least somewhat similar. You will most likely look like your sister's twin. (You kinda already do :-P)

There's obviously no other option. **(giggle)**

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 101 Pics

Horses have the glue factory, alligators get turned into belts...this is what happens to red heads.

Someone should be fired for this photoshop job...! Seriously? I have seen thin, but her upper thigh is missing.

I'm sure my college roommates, such as Sarah Elizabeth would have plenty to add to this..."/