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If that isnt motivation I dont know what is!

Is like you are Photoshoped or something! — Hanna/Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid Love. (I used to refuse to fall into the Ryan craze.this movie changed it all.funny and hot.

Channing Tatum

funniest part is, I AM sitting here in sweatpants & a ponytail!

Although I don't quite like Miley Cyrus; I will agree with the quote at the bottom. As a matter of fact, the same thing happened to me.

People are idiots, she had a lovely body. Keep your negative and deceitful comments to yourself. It happened to my sister. it took one moron to say she was fat. she ended up anorexic :(

I do want to be the girl I was too lazy to be years ago. I think I'm doing an ok job of getting there. I just need to push myself a little harder. I am capable of much more..

It's ok that you were lazy yesterday. But you don't have to be lazy today.

Think uplifting thoughts...

Think positive thoughts daily .The body achieves with the mind believes.

Archaeologist Ryan Gosling -- ha! oh, how i wish i was.

If you haven’t come across the Ryan Gosling ‘Hey Girl’ meme yet, then you need to get acquainted.

Your mom made fun of you for being 200 lbs - try to break the cycle and not fat shame other people who just had babies. thanks!

19 Confessions From People Who Have Been Fat-Shamed

I swear my mom does this to me all the time . i sometime think she's jealous of me and I feel bad that she does. she's my mom man 😕 i hate when she feel down

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