My best friend moved away 6 years ago, 12 hours away, this year we are graduating and planning on having the best summer of our lives, distance didn't phase us!

Leah Denise Bowling Mosley and Ashley Brooke Mills McDougall, I love you girls and am so lucky to have you in my life ~ :o)


My sister got me a wall hanging that says this. it will be going in my office when the new Day Program opens :-)

I know some people who have a piss-poor attitude about EVERYTHING & then they wonder why things never go right for them & why people don't want to be around them. Attitude is EVERYTHING!!! :-)

A bad attitude can literally block love Blessings and destiny from finding you Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed

Accept your past without regret, handle your present with … | Flickr

Accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence and face your future without Fear ~ God is Heart


Saying YES to happiness means learning to say NO to things and people that stress you out. Thema Davis - SO many people I know need to listen to these words.

Don't Stumble | Creative LDS Quotes

Good advice to just keep moving forward, and not let the past trip you up.I need to remember this literally as well!