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Broken pots and succulents

An old tree stump as a planter - I love this idea from Interiorholic - now all I need is the tree stump!

Beautiful Fairy Gardens made by one of our own. Broken pots make great gardens!

Miniature Fairy Garden real sedum plants in clay pots

Fairy garden...in a cracked pot. Too cute!

Vegetable growing cheat sheet

bricks+succulents+candles=patio delight

10 Ways to Plant a Garden, Even When You Don't Have the Space for One #RaisingGoodApples AD

Cute and simple- don't water this one too much! I like the variety of textures and colors in the substrate, and the different heights of the plants.

Gazebo next to water garden

ECHEVERIA variety mix @@ rare plant exotic succulent seed flowering pot 20 seeds in Home & Garden | eBay

Miniature succulent garden with bridge by Cornell Farm.

curly succulent…. Moraea Tortilis - common name spiral grass…Oh, gotta get some of this!

many textures, cactus and succulents with some verticality in non-succulents in rusty container

How to pot & care for succulents

Daily Colours : DIY Fairy Gardening with Succulents

Brilliant! Lettuce grown in a hanging basket for a round ball of edible goodies. = now THAT i could do!

Recycled Wine Bottle Planter Kit - Bottle Garden - DIY - Succulent Bottle Gardens

What a cute little planter.

Regrow a succulent from a leaf by simply laying leaf on top of soil

succulents--love the colors