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  • Donna Roane

    Wood Finishing Tips: How to Renew a Finish - Article | The Family Handyman

  • Beautiful Homes And Gardens

    Shine your old Wood Furniture with Finishing Tips !! Even if well cared, furniture wears down and loses its shine over time. When a finish becomes dull, the commercial polishes can’t bring them to the same level. In order to overcome the sticky wax coating from the old furniture, proper cleaning is required. The sticky coating is susceptible to dust and the finishes get darken with the passage of time.

  • Colleen Fitzpatrick

    Wood Finishing Tips: How to Renew a Finish: Mineral Spirits does an excellent job of cleaning the old gunk (dirt, years of store bought polish etc without harming or removing the stain finish) off of wood for me. I've also read where vinegar and water will work, but haven't tried that yet. This site goes on to explain how to put a new shine on old furniture.

  • Tiffany Jones

    Furniture Repair - DIY Projects | The Family Handyman

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Wood Finishing Tips: How to Renew a Finish - Traditional paste wax is still the best way to renew and enhance natural wood finishes, and it will hold up better than liquid furniture polish. All you need for application is an old t-shirt and plenty of elbow grease.

How to Refinish Furniture~ "Learn how to refinish furniture faster and easier by avoiding stripping. A seasoned pro tells you how to clean, repair and restore old worn finishes without messy chemical strippers."

Apply colored wax to cracks Fill holes and cracks with special wax sticks. Then smooth them.

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lots of 2x4 ideas. I am definitely doing at least a couple of these cute projects!

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If you need your paint job to be durable, go with polycrylic. Polycrylic is great because it's durable like Polyurethane, but it doesn't yellow over time and it's really low-odor. To apply your polycrylic, just brush it on with a high quality paint brush. I did 2 coats, allowing it to dry for several hours in between.


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DIY barnyard wood. Beat up new wood if desired, then add Olympic brand Weathered Barnboard stain. Don't wipe off, leave til dry. (15 min). Dry brush primer lightly over top. Dry brush flat gray paint sporadically over top. Add a little black in paint and repeat. lightly sand. Coat with stain once more, seal and done!

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