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fluency -Tip to Help kids understand Punctuation as they learn to read

This pin is a sentence structure chart. The purpose of this pin is to teach students to write sentences correctly and completely. I would use this in my classroom as a fun way of writing sentences. To add to this I can make a big bowl next to it and have students add their fresh baked sentences. Students will enjoy this because it makes writing fun!

This will help me, been a while since school. What is a Run On Sentence and How to Fix Anchor Chart

Clear fluency description. Readers Theater builds fluency partly by motivating repeated readings. What a fun way to learn!

reading fluency mini-lessons and anchor chart leading to a fluency contest

I like this but the complete "thought" doesn't show the "why"? So I would leave out the why? If I were to recreate the poster.

Follow for lots of FREE and 'Too-Neat-Not-Keep' teaching tools & other fun brain-based stuff :) ...Anchor for Types of sentences

Did this with the boys. They had a blast with it! I split the "who" into 2 sections: "who", and then "what kind". So you start with a noun, then add an adjective to it, then continue with the rest of the chart.

LOVE this for getting kids to think about their writing!!! .... Follow for more FREE 'too-neat-not-to-keep' literacy tools other fun teaching stuff :)