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Awesome Movie Cosplays by Kids

Little kid movie cosplay. #forestgump #halloween #costume #movie


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Yeah...Definitely our future children.

9GAGfrom 9GAG

Kids cosplay rulez

Cosplay kids get the highest approval!


Best Cosplay Ever

Awesome Cosplay Idea Dude! -

Look at that book! Hands down, this is the best Lydia cosplay I have ever seen! - 8 Beetlejuice Cosplays

"And then...and then I told him I loved him and then he said I know...and then he was frozen with this drool thing coming out of his mouth...and then..."

Playing With Scissorsfrom Playing With Scissors

Halloween Costume Photo Decoration

Put your kids' Halloween costume photos into one of those "school days" frames and display them every October. A great and fun way to watch your kids grow up!