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    • Bryana Hall

      ~ Best Feeling in the World - Sleeping in late - Having no homework (No work for adults) - Being liked/loved back - Hugs that last more than a minute - First swim of the summer - A smile from that special someone - Laughing til your stomach hurts - Getting unexpected gifts - Not remembering when you last cried - Getting an A on a test you didn't study for (Getting recognized for something you did at work) - When he texts you first - Looking at pictures from when you were little - Living up to someone's expectations ( Someone IMPORTANT to you) - When someone tells you they never want to lose you - Knowing you are loved - Being called beautiful - Finding those jeans that fit perfectly - Finally eating the food you were craving - Waking up and realizing you still have hours left to sleep - Making a stranger smile - Eating seedless grapes - Putting on sweatpants after wearing jeans all day (or in my case, yoga or sleep pants) - When little kids draw you pictures - Making friends - Being told someone is okay - When someone tells you, you smell nice - Winning an argument - Proving a smart person wrong - Listening to your favorite song - Receiving hand-written letters - Falling asleep to the rain - Finishing an essay (In my case, finally getting off work) - When people laugh at your jokes - Smiling - Getting a friendship bracelet (I'm going to replace this one with getting a hug from a child) - Finding out the name of the song that's stuck in your head - Going on vacation (I hate packing) - Perfectly peeling off the price sticker - Realizing it's Friday - Knowing you will be okay

    • Candy Patterson

      Sigh. Favorite things.

    • Ali Sparks

      Some of the best feelings in the world. So true

    • Jessica Berry

      some of the best feelings in the world. Truth

    • Kelli Roggensack

      I love these things!! (not technically words of wisdom but I'm sticking with it!)

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