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Harry Potter

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  • Danielle

    harry potter facts | Tumblr --- Also, book 7 was released in July, the seventh month, and if your horoscope sign is Cancer, seven is one of your lucky numbers. Not that it really applies to the book series, but I figured what the hey.

  • Aliah Hasna

    It also says in the book, 7 is the strongest magical number. my b-day is on the 7th. 7 is my favorite number even more now.

  • Michelle DeHaven

    everything is 7... Okay, I confess to being a Potter geek (books over movies), but I never realized this. BRILLIANT! Wonder what the significance was to Rawling?

  • Bri Thom

    7 Years at Hogwarts 17 is when you become an adult in the wizarding world 7 Is a lucky number (: Mind. Blown

  • Amber van Rij

    i knew there was a reason it was my favorite number :P #harrypotter #luckynumberseven #potterhead

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